Exceptional quality, exceptional service, all while exceeding our expectations for our graphic design, content writing, website design and SEO needs. They have done a fab job & exceeded our expectations in every way. They are honest, straightforward, & they take care of ALL your needs quickly, they are reliable, you can count on them and most of all, they do everything they say they will do, no BS.”

Anmol Dua

Marketing Manager, Freakins

The BigTecha team has done an awesome job on our SEO project and we are very happy to see such fantastic results. We are ranking on the first page of google within just 3 months of opting for their SEO plan. I look forward to continuing this great engagement with them.”

Namarata Gopinath

Marketing Manager, Glamazle

Wordpress New Website Design Starter Pack – Grow Gradually


Need a New Logo for your Business? Choose up to 4 New Logo Design Quality Aspiration Levels – Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum.

Already have an Existing Logo that you would like us to edit? No problems. We got you covered. Go ahead and take us for a spin.

Still not Convinced? Instantly Whatsapp us by clicking here so we can give you a free consultation session.



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Any Last Minute Details? (if applicable)

  1. Need a New Wordpress Website? Choose from different types of New Wordpress & Woocommerce Websites.
  2. Choose between 4 front-end Web page Design Quality Aspiration Levels - Bronze / Silver / Gold / Platinum. Keep in mind that this only affects the appearance of the website whereas the back end technology work always remains top quality no matter the level of design selected.
  3. Already have an Existing Website that you would like us to manage, edit or add to? No problems. We got you covered. Go ahead and take us for a spin.

Still not Convinced? Instantly Whatsapp us by clicking here so we can give you a free consultation session.

Our Process?

Its a super simple process and works smoothly without any headaches or frustrations. We simply ask you to a fill out a Project Onboarding Form where we ask you to fill out all necessary details and requirements for your Project - this would cover literally everything so most of the times you do not even need to voice call or chat with us as we understand that you are a busy person and like to work with performance oriented people like us who try to simplify the solutions for you a much as possible.

Importance & Significance of Websites in Business and Branding

Good Web Design means good business. It's like a performing asset which you nurture over time and which in turn rewards you with either acceptable, aspirational or hefty returns depending upon the strategy and collective hard work of our agency and your team. There are no shortcuts to success in business and its all a result of dedication, perseverance, hard work & consistency. Although one thing is for sure that no business can survive without a website these days.

Moreover, there are only pros of having a website and no cons whatsoever.

  1. Websites are performing assets which if nurtured tactfully can fetch you a steady daily incomes or even payouts depending upon the sales and growth of your brand over time.
  2. Websites will not divorce you like maybe one day your spouse would and you don't even have to pay it an alimony. It's just like renting out office space but at much more reasonable cost with a much higher global reach.
  3. Websites are mostly performing assets which can be passed on to the next generations or family members. The ownership of the website lies in the hands of the domain owner and he can assign it the way he/she wants
  4. Brand goodwill and smooth business transactions helps strengthen your brand image and reassures your customer of their faith in your brand.
  5. A website is how new leads will find you and enquire about you and its also the very basis of your Digital marketing and SEO efforts. Without a website all these efforts would be pointless & redundant.
  6. A website is the platform on which you will globally connect with your audience most of the times.
  7. Along with generating sales revenues websites also provides information, notices and circulars which you need to communicate to your potential audiences and existing customers from time to time. It provides product or service information which otherwise you would have to hire an employee for. This will also save you a lot of money, time and effort resulting in smoother operations.
  8. Customers educate themselves about your business or brand through your website mostly. They also buy or transact through your website upon which they would receive automated invoices. Each customer would get a personal online account thereby promoting brand awareness and trust resulting in facilitating growth and repeat customers.
  9. Websites make it really engaging and interactive for your customers to keep them engaged with content and new products.
  10. There are many more countless benefits of owning and operating a website on a daily basis and the maintenance its quite cheap in contrast with the part it plays in transforming your business through strategy, design and development. If i were to list more benefits of owning a website then this webpage would go on forever ......


Simply put good web design is good business.

Additional information

Website Type

A Multisite Network of Wordpress Websites (Wordpress Multisite), Wordpress Auction Website, Wordpress B2B Ecommerce Website, Wordpress B2C Ecommerce Website, Wordpress Basic Simple Starter Website, Wordpress Blogging Website, Wordpress Business Directory Website, Wordpress Coupons Website, Wordpress Dropshipping Ecommerce Website, Wordpress Ecommerce Website Selling & Shipping Phyical Products (Woocommerce), Wordpress Event, Ticket or Insurance Booking Website, Wordpress Fashion Travel / Lifestyle Ecommerce Website, Wordpress Magazine and Digital Publishing Websites, Wordpress Membership Website, Wordpress Micro Job Marketplace Website, Wordpress Multilingual Website, Wordpress Niche Job Boards Website, Wordpress Non-Profits and Religious Website, Wordpress Online Community Website, Wordpress Online Forums Website, Wordpress Podcast Website, Wordpress Portfolio Website, Wordpress SaaS Solutions Website, Wordpress Single Hotel Booking Website, Wordpress Social Network Website, Wordpress Tours & Travel Booking Website, Wordpress Vendor Marketplace Ecommerce Website, Wordpress Virtual Digital Products Ecommerce Website, Wordpress Website Selling Educational Courses and Materials, Wordpress Wiki/Knowledge Website, Wordpress Wocommerce Amazon-Affiliate Stores

Quality Aspirations

Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Silver


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