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On Page SEO

On-page SEO is important because it tells Google all about your website and how you provide value to visitors and customers. It helps your site be optimized for both human eyes and search engine bots. Some important On-page SEO elements that we optimize are (1) Website Content elements like High-Quality Page Content; (2) HTML elements like Page Titles, Headers, Meta Descriptions, Image Alt-text, Structured Markup and (3) Site architecture elements like Page URLs, Internal Linking, Mobile Responsiveness, Site Speed.

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Off Page SEO

This refers to everything you do outside of your site to fare better and feature higher up in Google’s SERPs. Our Off-page SEO Strategy includes—

    1. Link Building – Backlink quantity and quality boost a page’s PageRank. These include both earned and built links.
    2. Social Media
    3. Local SEO
    4. Content Marketing

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Technical SEO

It is largely about optimizing structured markup, or structured data, to help Google bots successfully crawl, interpret and index all the pages of your site for future use. Technical SEO is considered a part of On-page SEO because optimizing it creates a better on-page experience for visitors. Some important Technical SEO Audit fundamentals we follow are— (1) Crawlability (2) Indexability (3) Accessibility (4) Rankability (5) Clickability

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White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is basically doing search engine optimization exactly the way Google wants you to. It is strictly following Google’s guidelines and creating a long-term game plan that will withstand any Google update or any anticipated shifts in Google’s algorithm and trends. We highly recommend you read Google’s guidelines yourself for more details.

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Data Analytics

We analyze different types of website data & metrics that matter. We use cutting edge SEO tools to regularly measure, report & refine critical aspects of our SEO strategy every step of the way. Every SEO project we undertake includes an intuitive and detailed domain analytics report which include Organic Search Traffic, Paid Search Traffic, Authority Scores and Backlink qulaity and quantity, User Demo Graphics, Keyword Performance, Ecommerce goal analytics, User Behaviour, and many more key metrics.

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SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy / plan is a blueprint for your Search Engine Optimization activities. It is a long term solution to drive pre-qualified traffic to your website, improve conversion rates and boost your online revenue. It’s an ongoing process and needs fine tuning practically every step of the way. In addition it also needs to align with your business goals and integrate with your overall marketing plan.

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A paid but affordable way of ranking at the top of popular SERPs like Google, Bing, Yahoo,etc. No needs to commit to long-term contracts – Simply set an advertising budget and never spend more than your monthly limit. We highly optimize our PPC Search ad’s to greatly reduce marketing cost & maximize our client’s returns.

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Online Display PPC Ads

Google Display Network PPC Ads are in the form of text, banners, & videos & won’t be limited to appearing in one place but will be displayed across multiple different websites that users are browsing on across the web, social media platforms, Amazon, Android, Apple & 3rd party applications. This is great to promote BRAND awareness & retargeting lost conversions.

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Social Media & Ecommerce Ads

We are experts at Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest Ads, and many other platform Ads including ecommerce Ads like Amazon Ads. We have ample experience managing back-to-back social media ad campaigns on a daily basis. Social Media Campaign Ads such as Facebook Ads is a proven, affordable, effective & user friendly way to promote brand awareness & target audiences. They can be designed so as to display your Brand’s unique message & story, & made more attractive. Nowadays, at least more than 30% of any Brand’s target audience pool is from Facebook alone.

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Content Design & Strategy

Involves creating, distributing & promoting engaging content — text, pictures, multimedia, UI UX, Website content, blogging, social media posts, email, infographics, posters, and much more — that adds value for your audience & defines your unique brand story, instead of just broadcasting an advertising message.

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Content Writing

Our strategy-driven Content Writing services include Blogs & Articles, Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, Script Writing, Website Content, SEO Writing, Google Ads, Social Media Posts & Ads, Print publications, Copywriting, Ghosting, Translating, Transcreations and much more— Our experienced content writers are proficient in English language and possess expertise in all types of content writing, design, translations and transcreations. Our team writes compelling, engaging and Keyword optimized text content that can boost SEO & reduce marketing costs & can make overall content attractive & engaging.

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Audio & Video Marketing

We Create stunning brand-centric Video & Audio content for multiple platforms like Youtube, Google Ad’s, Social Media Platforms, Websites, etc.. Think Videos for your Youtube Channel, Facebook Ads, Websites & Product Promotions, Brand Awareness, Technical Services, Tutorials, Educational Videos, Voice Overs, Short Video Ads, Instructional Videos, Podcasts, etc.. Our Design Ninjas are skilled in industry leading Audio Video editing tools like Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Blender, Maya, etc.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is all about connecting with your target audiences and thus creating & distributing content for Social Media Platforms requires in-depth understanding of the Brand’s niche, target audience & future growth plans. BigTecha can create the social media buzz you need by creating and distributing epic content to your online community members & followers through Social Media Facebook Posts & Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube, and various other social media platforms.

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Blogging & Articles

Blogging is much more than just online writing skills. It involves a solid understanding of organic SEO, paid Digital Ads Campaigns & Keyword Strategy which can significantly increase traffic, leads & sales & at the same time reduce your paid marketing allocated budgets. It’s also important to publish legitimate blog articles which are free from copyright infringements. We write persuasive, compelling, engaging and SEO friendly content which is guranteed to resonate with your target audience and create the buzz you need to 10x your leads and sales.

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Content Management

If you think creating content is a beast then fyi MANAGING content is another monstrous job. This brings us to critical time management, delivering before deadlines, scheduling content like social media posts, maintain series & playlists sequences of publications. At the same time making small changes in content can lead to making changes in text, images, audio, video,etc across different blogs, posts, etc. on multiple platforms – which results in tweaking our keyword strategy. Thing can get start to get complicated very quickly.

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Influencer Marketing

We should never underestimate the roles of established Influencers when it comes to creating quality backlinks, doubling your website traffic & significantly increasing sales both through online & offline channels. We are in constant touch with established influencers across multiple platforms with a huge fan following & channel subscribers. This type of promotions is highly rewarding on Social Media & OTT platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc…

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Mobile Marketing

Targeting content driven especially for mobile devices & users rather than desktops & laptops is becoming increasingly common nowadays. Our content should not only be compatible with different mobile browsers, mobile OS’s like Android & Apple, but it should also be future proof. Moreover, nowadays a significant chunk of our target customers use mobile devices to access content.

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Affiliate Marketing

This is a highly rewarding aspect of online marketing & brand content promotions in which you pay individuals or other brands or businesses a sales commission often called affiliate fee. This requires us to create an affiliate program for our network of online affiliates which either directly or indirectly drive sales and traffic for your business and we can take advantage of their subscriber base or followers in return for an affiliate fee. E.g. Ecommerce Website affiliate Programs, Amazon affiliate programs, Travel affiliates, etc.

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360° Branding

We create epic brand stories with high quality content and aggressive brand focused advertising strategies that create the big buzz you truly deserve. It’s a highly brand centric marketing strategy but we also focus on the brand’s core values or attributes rather than just 360° or volume based advertising.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is fundamental in maintaining the communication & marketing loop between the brand and it’s existing & potential customers as well as retargeting lost conversions. We design and develop a bespoke email marketing strategy best suited for your Brand. Our Email marketing services are highly affordable & include creating & maintaining Email Newsletters, Campaigns, Order Notifications, Invoicing, etc…

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Sales Funnels

We develop a bespoke sales funnel strategy for your brand aimed at maximum conversions, effective communication loops and an overall great user experience. We never miss a beat and make sure we get the maximum out of both hot & cold leads, retarget cart abandonments, communicate and follow up via the right tools, design and distribute the right content to resonate with your target audience, and much more.

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Custom CMS Web Design

We regularly work with a lot of popular CMS ‘s like WORDPRESS, SHOPIFY, MAGENTO, etc., and design bespoke, user-friendly and engaging websites, landing pages, layouts, etc. We develop and work with all the industry leading WordPress plugins, themes and page builders like <b>Elementor, Generatepress, Divi, Oxygen, WP Bakery, Themify, Astra, OceanWP,</b> and much more. BigTecha creates SEO friendly CMS websites with stunning visuals, epic branding features, savvy ecommerce solutions, flexibility, integrations, security and scalability.

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Full Stack Web Development

We have over 10+ years of experience across a variety of industry verticals, including Healthcare, Adtech, eLearning, Data Analytics, Fintech & eCommerce. Hire us for custom web development, migration, upgrade & ongoing maintenance services or add to your existing development team.

  • Language/Time Zone Compatible Staff.
  • Experts in PHP, Java, .NET, Angular, React, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Laravel  and eCommerce Apps.
  • Flexible Engagement Model (Fixed Cost, Hourly or Monthly Contract).
  • CMS Wordpress, Woocommerce, Opencart, Magento theme and plugin customization and website development.

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Website UI & UX Design

UX / UI design is part of customer interactivity & experience design. It acts as a road map for existing & potential customers to navigate your online website or application. No one likes browsing on a website which has an inconvenient layout & design. We ensure industry best web design and code practices.  We aim at maximum user engagement with a slick UX experience and an interactive yet user friendly UI to maximize conversions and ensure repeat visits. It also quickly adds value & restores customer’s trust. For UI & UX prototyping we use industry leading Graphic Design softwares — mainly Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch & Photoshop, etc..

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Landing Page Design

Creating an enticing ad is only half of the puzzle — you need a compelling landing page that drives people to conversion. By partnering with a trusted landing page agency like BigTecha, you can get conversion-focused landing pages that help you inform users and encourage them to buy. With over 10 years of experience, you can feel confident that we’ll deliver a landing page which increases revenue for your business.
As your landing page design partner, our award-winning design company provides you with –
(1)Custom and responsive design (2)Conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing (3)Conversion tracking code set up (4)Copywriting (5)Call tracking (6)User testing (7)Integrated lead forms (8)Database integration

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Custom WordPress Development

Our team members are experts in WordPress plugins and custom theme development. Our WordPress development services include-

  1. PSD to WordPress Conversion
  2. WordPress Theme Customization
  3. E-commerce/Shopping Cart Development in PHP
  4. WordPress Plugin Development
  5. WordPress CMS Development
  6. WordPress Theme Development
  7. WordPress Website Development

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Responsive Web Design

BigTecha is a top responsive web design and development agency that can design an extraordinary web presence for your brand while ensuring that users can enjoy it on any device. Since it takes time and dedication to learn the many aspects of web design and development, hiring a responsive website design company like BigTecha can save you time, money, and most importantly, help you create a successful online presence.

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Logo & Branding Design

At BigTecha, we are committed to consistently delivering high quality logo design that will enable our clients to stand above their competitors. We work with our clients closely to capture their brand traits and translate them into a logo design that is uniquely their own. Our award-winning design team brings close to 1 decade of experience to the table, having conceptualized and designed logos for a variety of businesses during this time. Our expertise and experience in logo design worldwide has brought us international media recognition in our field.

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Printing Graphic Design

We have spent nearly 1 decade in the graphic arts industry. The proverbial ink flows thru our veins, and our pulse pounds to the rhythm of the presses. Our graphic design services encompass both digital and print media graphics that truly enhance your unique brand story. This becomes a convenient & huge selling point as your customers feel consistency in brand image & product quality standards.  Just a few of the printing media we design: Logos, Business Visiting Cards, Letterheads, Product Catalogues, Flyers, Brochures, Leaflets, Roll-up Banners, Marriage Cards, Product inner & outer Packaging & Label Design, Banners, Billboards, etc..

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Website UI UX + Web Assets Design

We create Website or mobile application UI & UX Design with industry leading software tools like Adobe XD, Photoshop & Sketch. We do everything from wireframing to complexed workflow charts to even high quality coding resulting in a highly engaging, interactive and rewarding web user experience. We also specialize in converting Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, PSD templates into fully functional front end web HTML templates or even page builder templates used in popular CMS’s like WordPress, OpenCart, Shopify, Magento and others. We are experts in HTML, CSS, JS, Jquery, PHP, etc. and follow industry best design practices.

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360 Branding Graphic Design

Legend says that what’s attractive to our eyes gets a place on our plates, we may not judge a book by its cover, but we surely get attracted to a book if the cover speaks to us. At BigTecha, we believe visual connect is the first connect and with our experience and expertise, we offer just that for your brand. We work with our clients closely to capture their brand traits and translate them into visual identity graphic design styles that is uniquely their own. Pair your vision with our creativity and empower your brand to stand out from the me toos. We believe in epic brand stories with high quality content and aggressive brand focused advertising strategies that create the big buzz you truly deserve.

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Product Packaging & Label Design

Packaging isn’t just the outer casing of your product; it’s, more importantly, how your leads and customers see your design brand. At BigTecha, we believe in using your packaging as a showcase of thoughtful design that furthers your branding and makes it even more on-point and visually attractive and unique to your Brand’s style and message. We partner with sophisticated brands and creative entrepreneurs who understand the power of branding in your packaging design.

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Business, Promos, Education & other Custom Graphic Design

Custom and eye catching Social Media Marketing Graphic Design like Instagram Stories & Posts, Facebook Posts & Covers, YouTube Channel Art, LinkedIn Banners, etc. Personal & Business Graphic Design services like Invitation, Cards, Resumes, Postcards, Weekly Schedule, T-shirt print graphics, Business letterheads, Business Cards, Invoice Design, Posters, Presentations, Infographics, Brochures, Newsletters, Collages, Stickers, Menus, Logo, Websites, etc.

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Audio Video Production & Editing

Professional video production and editing with a creative human touch. With Igniting scripts and quality editing practices, we create stunning, persuasive and compelling videos with the perfect sounding stereo mixed sound and music guaranteed to resonate with your target audience. We go above and beyond for our clients and proactively keep pushing the status quo.

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Animations & VFX Effects

We make stunning custom motion animations for film production, brand advertising and digital artwork purposes like animated Logos, Videos, JS Lottie files, SVG Animations, etc. We use creative best practices & industry leading tools like Adobe After Affects, Maya, Blender, DaVinci Resolve, etc.

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Social Video Channel Marketing — YouTube, Insta, FB

We follow industry best practices and latest cutting edge video editing, VFX and animation softwares like Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Maya, Blender, etc. We script, shoot, edit, translate and transcreate audio and video for your social media channels resulting in higher views and SERP visibility and an ever increasing fan base of subscribers and followers.

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Amazon- FSSAI Food License & GST Certificate

We are an Amazon certified and approved agency for Amazon Ads campaigns, Product Cataloguing, Product Videos and Amazon account onboarding and management specialist. We also provide FSSAI certificate to food businesses located only in India and additional GST documents required to be in accordance with Amazon rules and regulations. Seeking Amazon supporting legal documentation and paperwork has to be done the right way or else you may end up wasting your money and then doing it again. But the good news is we’re here to help and take all the responsibility- FSSAI license for Amazon Seller Merchant & Amazon FBA channels.

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Amazon Seller Account On-boarding

Our Amazon Seller Central Account Management services include Amazon Seller Client Onboarding; setting up your Amazon Seller store & listing all products effectively along with ensuring they are easily found on Amazon SERP’s; Amazon Product Page Design- Cataloguing, layout, photoshop images, Infographics, videos & writing text content best suited for conversions & SEO; Amazon Keyword strategy; Amazon Campaign PPC Ads, Amazon Brand Registry, etc. & other services like managing the Brand’s Customer Service, Complaints, Shipping & Logistics, Taxes, Q & A’s, FAQ’s, replying to reviews, etc. We send you regular automated reports to track your progress & ensure consistent support, communications, feedbacks & reviews.

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Flipkart Seller Account & On-boarding

We get your Flipkart Seller Account registered and manage the whole account & all your listings for you including acting as a mediator between you and customers, ensuring regular shipments and coordinating returns and aftersales support, create special offers, taxation, FAQ’s, reply to customers queries and reviews on your behalf etc. We use cutting edge tools to send you regular automated reports, statement details and latest communications so you never feel the need to do the heavy lifting yourself as we do it all for you.

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Amazon PPC Ad Campaigns

We provide expert Amazon PPC Ad campaign marketing and management services to help your product rank higher in Amazon SERP’s. We leverage Amazon Ads to help increase product visibility and generate higher sales without compromising on profitability, all through our ingenious Amazon Ad strategies and best practices. Our Ad automation capabilities allow our users to achieve predetermined goals through audience segmentation based on chosen metrics and intent.

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Amazon Brand Registry & Trademark Consultancy

We have loads of experience with Amazon Brand registry or valid amazon Trademarks and we do extensive research to pre-check if your trademark will pass through all the initial and final stages of registration. Why Amazon Brand Registry? After doing loads of hard work and establishing a brand you will find that sometimes other
mischievous sellers can start maliciously profiting from your brand name & worse is if you are an unregistered brand then  tomorrow it becomes registered to someone else’s name then this may result in Amazon not allowing you to continue using it their platform. Register your Brand today and secure yourself from such future threat.

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Full Custom Ecommerce Development

We have experience creating technology driven low latency custom ecommerce websites from scratch & up to post-launch support & updates. With a multi-disciplinary team of e-commerce web developers, we help you create unique digital experiences for your e-commerce business. Whether it’s about extending the existing capabilities of your e-commerce site or building a completely new brand experience from the ground up, our expertise and the available range of solutions empower you to deliver high-impact solutions.

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CMS Ecommerce Web Design & Development

We proactively and consistently build, support, manage & troubleshoot our client’s online stores / ecommerce businesses using all popular CMS Ecommerce platforms & plugins like –

  5. OpenCart, Wix and other popular ecommerce CMS platforms.

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Woocommerce Theme Design & Development

At BigTecha, we provide full-stack Wordpress & WooCommerce development services internationally. We are an agency with experienced and code savvy professionals specializing in Woocommerce development and we’re proud to be certified Woocommerce experts. We have been working on developing and promoting eCommerce businesses for almost 10+ years and have designed, developed, implemented, hosted & managed multiple creative dynamic data-driven Woocommerce websites that successfully generated millions of dollars on an annual basis in very competitive markets.

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Focused on Building up your Presence Online

Create a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy that Drives Revenue and Amplifies your ROI

We communicate value through our quality & productivity focused digital marketing services and automated project management solutions.

We are a full service global digital marketing agency helping you build a strong SEO, social media, and PPC campaign, all focused on building up your presence online. Our our expert team and subject matter experts can help you build your brand, building a community of followers, targeting relevant keywords, and creating content that is search-friendly and usable across platforms. Our savvy digital marketing strategies will position your business as the leader in the market, creating content that allows you to establish your brands authority and expertise online.

Digital marketing services give businesses across industries an avenue to promote their brands online. Having a fully optimized website, strong social media presence, and profitable digital marketing campaigns allows your business to flourish online. A highly efficient, buyer-focused website allows you to present your brand online. You can manage your online reputation and build a web presence for your company by engaging a brand management or digital advertising agency, like ours i.e BigTecha, which is among India’s top 10 best digital marketing companies operating globally. We can help you to come up with an appropriate Online Marketing Strategy that drives leads and increases revenue.

Our agency helps you create a powerful, tailored digital marketing strategy for growing and building a powerful online presence that connects with your target audience, generates high-quality leads, and increases your revenues. Whether you are looking for a full-service digital agency to boost search engine rankings, revamp your site, or update your content marketing strategy, our award-winning team and tailored marketing strategy plans are a great match. Being a full service digital agency we leverage our wide range of services to apply our resources for marketing and advertising across a multitude of online or e-commerce platforms. We provide SEO, PPC, social media management, and content marketing services to help businesses reach their goals.

Further, our internet marketing agency offers a wide variety of services including SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, and more, helping grow your business. Our SEO experts work with you to strategize how you can grow website traffic and boost rankings, depending on your industry and goals. We offer all in one solutions and services including website design, development, and maintenance; social media marketing; search engine optimization (SEO); PPC management; reputation management; and copywriting.

It is highly important for your business to partner with a Digital Marketing Agency like ours for a number of reasons, including that our professionals will efficiently manage your business digital presence and professionally engage with customers in social media, leading to better results in the field of digital marketing, and supporting your goals in terms of publicity and sales. While reputable sources on the web may offer great insights into marketing, brands with limited experience and resources when it comes to digital marketing are most likely to benefit from services of a skilled digital marketing agency like BigTecha, helping maximize their time and resources, and, hopefully, achieving higher ROI. Since 2015, BigTecha, led by strategist Abhinav Bhalla, has provided digital marketing services that have helped an array local businesses and entrepreneurs achieve success with digital technologies and strategies.

Our Process is fine tuned

Digital Marketing Work Process:

Since 2015 we’ve streamlined our processes to maximize your results and minimize our fees.


Developing an effective Digital Marketing Strategy

We are experienced Digital Marketing Strategist & our job involves combining all the relevant marketing channels and platforms – from SEO to paid media, to content – into one actionable plan that is then used to launch the marketing of our client’s  products or services.

Think marketing purpose, plan, goals, objectives, marketing challenges, your ideal customers and how can you attract them, potential buyers, sales funnels, marketing programme investment budget  & projected ROI?


The Creation & Maintenance of an Effective Website Platform

An effective website is the hub of all your online marketing and lead generation!

  • Easy to Navigate
  • Built keeping in mind it’s users i.e the target audience
  • Professional Appearance
  • SEO & SERP i.e Search Engine Friendly
  • Responsive Design (Mobile, Tablets, Laptops, Small & Large Desktops, etc.)
  • Supports Cross platform Integrations with robust API’s, Social Media & other web applications like ERP’s, CRM’s, OMS’s, etc..
  • Easy-to-Update, etc…


Generate More Traffic

By increasing the traffic to your website, you increase the number of opportunities for visitors to turn into leads.
An effective website is the hub of all your online marketing and lead generation!

  • Blogs
  • Social Media Integration
  • Onsite and offsite SEO
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

These tasks are proven ways to bring new and qualified visitors to your site.


Convert Traffic To Leads

Create attractive offers and calls to action that appeal to potential buyers at all levels & ensure conversions & repeat customers with an effective sales funnel.

The proven process:

  • Build landing pages that describe the offer with a form to collect leads information.
  • Upon completing the form, the user will gain access to the offer, receive an auto responder email, and be entered as a lead in your CRM system.
  • Place Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout the site to encourage more lead generation.


Converting Leads into Sales

Marketing automation is used to perform these laborious tasks cost-effectively and hands-free! A effective Sales Funnel ensures conversions & repeat customers by urging them to take action at every stage of the funnel.

  • Building effective Sales Funnel’s
  • Lead Intelligence
  • Segment Leads
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM Integration


Measure Everything

“Most important metrics measured”

  • Traffic Statistics
  • SEO Success
  • PPC Costs and Rates including total Campaign Spend and Earnings
  • Click Through Rates, Quality Scores, Cost Per Click, Cost Per Conversion…
  • CVR, CPM, Average Position, Budget Limits, Lifetime Value, etc.
  • Blogging Effectiveness
  • Social Media Audience Size and
  • Growth
  • Email Subscribers


Report Everything

Bosses and clients don’t always know what you do all day.

Sure, they kinda get it. They know you’re PPCing. They know you sprinkle magic SEO pixie dust on a page before it goes live.

But beyond that?

In that sense, reporting should be like selling. For e.g.:

  • Referencing your Top Conversion Paths in Google Analytics
  • Social Media & Google Digtal Ad’s Reports
  • Total Campaign Spendings & Revenue Reports
  • Performance Reports
  • SEO Sitemap & Indexing Reports
  • Conversion opportunity pie
  • How changes in one activity impact results in another, etc…

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Success Stories

Our happy clients have some wonderful things to say about us – stories, testimonials and case studies

It’s been a highly rewarding & enjoyable experience working with such young & enthusiastic folks at BigTecha. They have outperformed my expectations every time. They redesigned and rebranded our website, shot drone videos for our organic farms in Noida, India & managed our YouTube channel and website including our Amazon, Facebook & Instagram accounts. Their SEO work is now making us rank on the first spot & first page of Google for our milk products. They also made attractive graphic designs like banners, leaflets and catalogues for our products. Thanks Guys! 👍😀



Propreitor, The Way We Were

Our new website is beautiful! It is easy to navigate. The support has been remarkable for WordPress; if I don’t understand something, or can’t accomplish a task, BigTecha is very responsive and they lead me in the correct way. BigTecha is an extremely talented web design company. We are amazed from where traffic to our site comes; we are a moderate sized business and now we are having global visitors. We have seen a 200% increase in the number of online contact forms being filled out and returned to us. Thanks for a job well done!”


Riddhi Bhalla

Co-Founder, The Kitchen Factory

Working with BigTecha Group is easy. They’ve solved every technical challenge that we’ve thrown at them. They make it seem effortless and take the mystery out of the mix. Their work is solid, reliable and error free — I would highly recommend them.


Katyani G.

Marketing Manager, i say organics

BigTecha Digital Team

We make it easy to connect with users on every platform. Check out our expert team


Digital Marketing

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Web Application Framework vs. Content Management System (CMS)

Web Application Framework vs. Content Management System (CMS)

There are a few different ways you can build a website. Choosing the most advanced option out there isn’t necessarily the best way to go. What matters is the end result. The priority is having a website up and running that serves its purpose and does everything you...

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