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We Believe In a Growth-driven Project Design and Development Approach

What Project do you need to hire us for? Ofcourse we will interact by phone and video if you so wish but filling a project form is the best way to get you onboard and get started. The process becomes much easier for all parties involved in terms of overall project management and workflow. Think of a project as a collection of tasks to accomplish a specific goal. Project management can help all team members plan, manage, and execute your work in order to meet your project’s requirements on time.

It’s very important before developing a proposal or quoting a project to have all your basis covered and to make sure that the scope of the project is clear between both the developer and the client. Having a new or potential client fill out a website questionnaire can also save us hours on the phone and numerous back and forth questions via email or time in meetings.

Our Initial Client Documentation Process & Project Management Tools Sets Us Apart from Our Competition

In my experience, most web design agencies or freelancers will promise to quickly launch a project for a client and then send them off into the wild not knowing what to do next. We on the other hand, take the time to empower and educate our clients along with giving them tips, tools and strategies to help build and grow their business, and we’ve seen it go a long way.

“To successfully manage a project, you need to prioritize. You’ll never have as much time and resources as we’d all hope for, so to do it all you need to focus on the items that will have the most impact. Then make sure these priorities are clear to stakeholders so you can set expectations and to your team so they focus on the right work.”

5 Benefits of Our Client Documentation & Project Management Process
    1. Client Documentation will eventually serve to save loads of time & energy of both project team members and clients.
    2. Work and goals are all organized in one place – Clear, organized plans improve team collaboration.
    3. Defining everyone’s role eliminates confusion and increases efficiency.
    4. Well-defined goals improve team effectiveness.
    5. Defining a communication plan keeps your team aligned and focused.

The Most Skilled, Responsive, Friendly Service You've Likely Ever Had.

Clients hire us based on our merit – they love us for our accessibility. We go to great lengths to be incredibly responsive to your needs so you never feel ignored and always feel taken care of. We always go the extra mile for all our customers and are relentless in our pursuit of achieving the desired targets for you.

You’re Proud of Your Brand. Now You’ll Feel Proud of Your Digital Presence.

You’ve built an amazing brand – your new website will reflect that and even take it to the next level. Every element on your new site will align perfectly with your brand voice and values. Are you still uncovering your brand? We can help you with this too.

Our Project Work Process:

Our Process is fine tuned

Our Project Process & Workflow Timeline – This is the Way We Work

Our Process is what sets us apart from our competition – from client onboarding, to the Contract and Proposal stages to finally approval and getting started. We’ve got you covered. You’re in great company. Setting Expectations and Getting The Client Ready to Start.

  • 1. Client Documentation - Onboarding

    Project Questionnaire Form

    First, it’s important we understand what exactly you need. This may require brainstorming and consultancy sessions over Voice or Video chat tools like Whatsapp, Telegram, Phone calls, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. If needed we can also assist you in filling our Project Questionnaire forms which you can save and finish later too at your own convenience.

    Next, Client fills and submits the online Project Questionnaire Form. This first step in a successful onboarding process is making sure the client is informed, prepared and on the same page. All expectations are addressed between both parties to ensure a successful project development and management experience.

  • 2. Client Documentation - Contract or Proposal Timeline

    Custom Project Contract or Proposal Timeline

    We can do this practically by creating a custom Gantt-style visual timeline which lists your Project Brief, Goals, Deliverables, Key Milestone Tasks and your To-do’s along with schedules, deadlines & maps out dependencies. We want the client to be ready, prepared and excited before getting to content, designing & development.

  • 3. Client Documentation - Client Project Approval

    Our 5 Step Post Client Approval Process

    Once a new client approves our proposal and wants to move forward, we have a 5 step process that currently looks like this:

    • Step 1 – We send you the contract with details, deliverables and projected GO LIVE date for approval by e-signing.
    • Step 2 – We send a welcome email with link to our Getting Started page.
    • Step 3 – We set the project up in Slack, Asana or our own custom project management systems and then set the client up on the client side and additional team members if any.
    • Step 4 – We create a bullet list of what I need to get started for the client in the project management tool of choice.
    • Step 5 – Set up any additional needed sharing and large data transfer tools in preparation for getting content. e.g. Google Drive (free upto 15GB) / WeTransfer (free upto 2GB) / Dropbox Basic (free upto 2GB) / Transferxl (free upto 5GB) / Smash (unlimited size) / Pcloud (free upto 5GB) / Filemail (free upto 5GB/ TransferNow (free upto 5GB).
  • 4. Kickstart Project Development - Getting Started Process

    What our Agency needs to Get Started

    Once the project manager gets the initial content like Logo, Text, Logins for various paltforms like Websites, Social media accounts, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, etc. and Style guides, Colors or any special graphic being used, budget spends and allocation, CPC, etc. and any other information we need, we can talk in more detail about addressing structural, design and development dependencies to to better streamline. We try our best not to overwhelm our clients up front which is very easy to do in this project kickstart stage. So what’s proven successful for us so far is to take it one step at a time but stick to my standardized onboarding process for each and every project.

  • 5. Project Development Process - Moving Forward

    Our Moving Forward Process – Fragmenting Dependencies but not at the cost of  easy solo tasks.

    Breaking complexed dependencies into smaller achievable tasks but keep the To-do’s going. We make your project plans, goals, communications, and files clear and accessible in one place.

    • Stick to the Timeline – We believe in making sure we can hit and visualize our deadlines, dates and dependencies in our Gantt-style timeline—and move them around if plans change.
    • Organize and prioritize your To-do’s – Not all tasks are created equally, and without a way to quickly see priorities or related work, things slip through the cracks.
    • We communicate clearly in the right channels- Email can be where plans and productivity fall to the wayside. Planning with our process and project management tools keeps conversations in context so specific task questions and progress updates go to the right people in the right place.
  • 6. Project Launch - Going Live Process

    What to Expect before we publish and go Live with your project

    After completing all key task milestones and finishing any edits and re-edits we shall further report to you with a going live strategy. We may also state maintenance plans if any required depending on the project type.

  • 7. Project Analytics and Reporting - Reiterating to tweak ongoing strategy

    Reporting, Analysing, Testing, Editing, Tweaking On-going Strategy, and Optimizing for Project Success.

    Only after our cleint is satisfied with the project achievements based on the project focus and expectations set at the very beginning of the Client Documentation or Contract Timeline stages, we handover the project and all its related intel, deliverables and practically everything to our client unless of course we are hired for extended maintenance of the porject other than what has been agreed upon in our contract proposal document.

  • 8. Project Success Celebration Party - Team Video Conference Invitations

    Success must be Celebrated

    Lets get down to having a tea party for yours and our entire team for one final training and review with all team members on google meet or zoom video chat. This is entirely optional, but we really like doing this so that we can get feedback, stay motivated and to kind of break the ice. Life working in a digital agency can start to feel mundane over time if one doesn’t take a short break every once in a while. After all we deal with humans and not robots.

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