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Woocommerce Conditional City Dropdown Shipping Plugin

Original price was: ₹7,600.00.Current price is: ₹4,100.00.

City shipping with WooCommerce doesn’t have to be so overwhelming. By default we type City names and in some countries no real dropdown solution is available even by third party plugin providers. Now our plugin can solve this problem for you by creating an entirely customized dropdown from an array of city names which appear only when the state conditions are satisfied. Our plugin settings give you an entirely customized City dropdown option to be created based on the state selected condition. It covers almost every state and country built within WooCommerce and gives us the option to create even local shipping or hyperlocal shipping localities dropdown. The best part is that its fully customizable and thus can adapt to any or multiple states and cities you intend to use it with. It’s truly a game changer so you don’t have to worry about order abandonments because of shipping errors or city typing errors etc.

Extend Support and Updates for an additional 6 months. This secures you against future price changes.

Wish to tweak this plugin to suit your custom needs? Apply for customization lets discuss on Google Meet or Zoom about this. Be reasonable in your customization demands and you we shall surely achieve the desired results. To book appointment for Google Meet or Zoom you will need to book the slot by Whatsapp or email and we will revert back with a day and time suitable to your time zone and needs. The cost can be requoted to you or any excess paid can be refunded or charged extra post our meeting. This is because an accurate assessment can only be made post discussion and the token amount is just an advance to show your interest and is entirely refundable incase nothing pans out.

This plugin allows you to create an entirely custom dropdown of an unlimited list of cities based on the selected state. It's intuitive and interactive and easily integrates with your WooCommerce checkout process and does not interfere with the functionality of any third party plugin. Built especially to convert leads and drive sales for your Ecommerce store. If you have several conditions for shipping on your WordPress WooCommerce website then you already know what a pain it can be to for your customers to manually type in the city name with the correct spellings to satisfy several shipping conditions placed by multiple shipping plugins.

City shipping with WooCommerce doesn't have to be so overwhelming. Now our plugin can solve this problem for you.

Lets say you use the 4 most popular WooCommerce plugins out there but since some countries and states don't have any city dropdown solution so your clients will have to manually type it. Now despite you spending at least 200 USD per year using 4 premium WooCommerce shipping plugins but you still don't get the desired results. Well, what can we say now but yeah strange things can happen sometimes with your WooCommerce websites, but at the same time its important to note that WooCommerce has the highest following and flexible customizations than any other plugin or even any other platform out there and it can save you a lot of money as a web designer or business owner. The only thing is that you will need some development and design knowledge. Additionally, lets say you also use third party plugins which provide live API shipping rates but your client still has to type the City name to satisfy several conditions being placed by all these plugin making this a complicated affair when dealing with multiple shipping zones and especially when you have your own drivers operating and delivering in a local shipping zone with multiple different routes. The WooCommerce conditional City dropdown solves this problem and focuses on even the local shipping conditions to create a customized regional, City or even a locality shipping dropdown within your desired area. It's intelligent enough to know when the customer will require shipping in that zone or else it will switch back to normal typing mode as WooCommerce default functionality. No matter what this plugin has you covered and you never have to loose out on website sales and conversions due to order abandonment or shipping errors. Your customer gets the pleasant shopping experience he needs and you ensure that you never have to see those demoralizing order abandonments or have your customers send you error emails. Just give it a spin and you will really get a lot of peace of mind as now you can extend the power of your WooCommerce website to cater to your custom shipping requirements.


  • Tried and tested to work even with a website running 100 plugins and  all popular WooCommerce shipping plugins. We have tested out this plugin with hundreds of WooCommerce plugins including with lower quality ones too and its been built in mind to stand the test of time and is highly compatible and flexible with very clean code quality.
  • Does your website suffer from order abandonments merely due to City typing errors? Well it doesn't have to be so overwhelming.  Our plugin will solve your problem.
  • Do you rely heavily on multiple local or hyper local shipping zones or even shipping to only a few localities instead of actual cities? Our plugin will work wonders here too.
  • Do you have your own local shipping shipping delivery service? Outstanding , now use WooCommerce to easily ship effortlessly to any local shipping zones with the help of our plugin.


  1. Subscription duration is only for updates and support. This does not include major plugin customizations which are outside the scope of the functionality this plugin offers.
  2. Refunds: Refunds are allowed only if requested within 3 days of purchase date and only if we can't solve your problems after troubleshooting. Refunds will only be made to original mode of payment.
  3. Support & Updates: Support & Updates for this plugin is valid till 6 months. Support can also be extended for additional 6 months for a minor fee of 50% of the purchase cost.
  4. Usage: Licensed under GPL laws. The license allows use on 100 websites. To get additional website/s licenses please email us.

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